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The aims of the Italian Linguistic Special Interest Group are to:

  • promote the society’s objectives, and give support to initiatives that achieve them, amongst those whose first language is Italian
  • facilitate involvement in the society’s activities of those whose first language is Italian.



Vincenzo Guidetti

Vincenzo Guidetti

University “la Sapienza” – Roma


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Secretary: Cherubino Di Lorenzo


  • Giovanni Aliatis
  • Fabio Antonaci
  • Natalia Arce Leal
  • Lucas H Bonamico
  • Lucia Bonomi
  • Carlos Alberto Bordini
  • Carlos Federico Buonanotte
  • Cristopher Cabib
  • Carlos Alberto Deabato
  • Ledina Derhemi
  • Constantin Dunitrache
  • Alex Espinoza Giacomozzi
  • Maria De Lourdes Figuerola
  • Emilia Martignoni
  • Vincent Martin
  • Mario Medici
  • Marina Pan
  • Cristina Perez Lago
  • Francesco Pierelli
  • Lorenzo Pinessi
  • Barjam Preza
  • Jorge Maria Salerno
  • Lidia Savi
  • Santiago Spadafora
  • Marco Trucco
  • Michele Viana
  • Giorgio Zanchin

Activities and news

In pursuit of the objectives of IHS, the Italian Linguistic SIG has several activities which can be summarised as follows:

  • to promote cultural and scientific exchanges as regards headaches and their management among Italian communities located all over the world
  • to organise scientific meetings and congresses with scientists who belong to these communities
  • to promote educational programmes finalised to circulate information about clinical, pathophysiological and therapeutic aspects of headaches
  • to create an internet network among scientists who belong to Italian communities
  • to create a website on headache for patients and physicians who speak Italian all over the world
  • to edit the translation of the International Headache Society Classification in Italian and favour its diffusion
  • to facilitate the exchange of information regarding healthcare and welfare in the different communities.

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Italian Society for the Study of Headache (SISC)