14th World Congress on Controversies in Neurology (CONy)

Virtual: cony.comtecmed.com

Event information

Following a hugely successful CONy 2019 held in Madrid, Spain the upcoming CONy 2020 in London promises to be CONy’s biggest and brightest yet.

What makes CONy stand out compared to other medical congresses are the differences in structure and focus. Conferences are generally informative, but there is often only limited time for thorough and critical discussions. CONy provides a platform for international experts to discuss and compare experiences, thus closing the gap between the expansion of knowledge and its dissemination and use. By having this debate style structure, the congress has become a major annual event for members of the neurological community. The popularity and increasing relevance of the topics and debates explored during this annual congress has bore many other offshoot meetings, focused on various topics.

Congress Co-Chairs: Amos D Korczyn and Anthony Schapira