Call for papers – studies of trigeminal pain- final call!

Cephalalgia is inviting authors to submit their trigeminal pain study protocols, including hypotheses, aims, methods, and expected outcomes of studies they are planning to conduct.

These manuscripts will undergo full peer-review including a review by a biostatistician. If the manuscript is accepted, the study protocols will be published in Cephalalgia Reports (Stage 1), together with the promise to publish the completed study, independent of the outcome, in Cephalalgia (Stage 2). The only requirement is that the Stage 2 study follow in all details the methods outlined in Stage 1. This will incentivise quality and rigour during the Stage 1 preregistration over novelty and statistical significance of the actual Stage 2 findings – allowing negative results to be published at equal level with positive results.

For more information read the article published in Cephalalgia.

Deadline for submission: December 2022