Michael Moskowitz to deliver his Brain Prize lecture on 29 July

Professor Michael Moskowitz needs no introduction in the headache world. He is an inexhaustible source of scientific originality, a Past-President of IHS, and one of the four recipients of the prestigious Brain Prize.

Intelligent people produce nice papers, others produce excellent science, but people like Professor Moskowitz distinguish themselves from the elite by educating and developing brilliant scientists to carry science forward.

Professor Moskowitz’ research over more than four decades has provided fundamental and foundational discoveries in the headache field and understandings of the trigeminovascular system that heralded modern day migraine therapeutics.

On the 29th of July there will a unique opportunity to collect scientific gold, when Professor Michael Moskowitz will deliver his inspirational lecture ‘Migraine Headache – the revolution and its evolution’ in the Brain Prize virtual seminar.

The lecture will take place at 1600 CEST. To register for the lecture, click here.