Research opportunity in Brazil – Postdoctoral Fellowship in Neuroepidemiology of Headache

The Center for Clinical and Epidemiological Research at HUUSP (Hospital Universitário, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil) offers a postdoctoral fellow position with a 2-year FAPESP grant linked to a Thematic Project that seeks to understand the association of migraine with cerebrovascular outcomes and as a predictor of morphofunctional markers of brain health and subclinical stroke and the influence of lifestyle factors on these associations.

 More specifically, the candidate will study the effect of migraine and its characteristics (subtypes and frequency of attacks) on the prevalence of white matter hyperintensity and the occurrence of lacunae, microinfarctions and gray matter volume in key regions of the brain. processing and perception of pain after 12 years of follow-up in a sample of the ELSA-Brasil cohort.

Deadline for application extended: 29 January 2023

Start date: 10 February 2023

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