Season’s Greetings from the IHS President

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The President and the Board of the International Headache Society wish the warmest Season’s Greetings and the best wishes for the New Year to you, your families and colleagues.

The pandemic has deprived us of the possibility to meet in person, but has not attenuated at all our sense of community, our capability of networking, planning and improving. 

The IHS governance has fiercely fought and dealt with the challenges and limitations imposed by the global situation, and the headache community has responded with marvellous support, engagement and dedication, thus contributing to keep the flame of headache science and education well alive and bright.

Our scientific society is as strong as ever and holds much promise for the future. IHS is a driving force for numerous important global initiatives in the headache field, some of which are already up and running, others will be launched soon.

Enjoy the Season and get ready to continue to dream, work and move forward together during 2022. The IHS Board