The founding Editor of Cephalalgia has passed away aged 94

IHS was saddened to learn of the death of Professor Ottar Sjaastad from Norway, who founded Cephalalgia in 1981.

Professor Sjaastad was central to the establishment of the Norwegian Migraine Society, the Scandinavian Migraine Society, and IHS. He founded Cephalalgia, originally published by the Scandinavian University Press, in 1981 and was Editor-in-Chief for nine years, and his leadership in those years helped make Cephalalgia the leading headache journal it is today.

He will be most remembered for his lasting scientific achievements with the description of new headache entities (chronic paroxysmal hemicrania [CPH] in 1974, hemicrania continua in 1984, and SUNCT in 1989, which are still included in ICHD. A full obituary authored by his Norwegian colleagues Lars Jacob Stovner, Torborn Fredriksen and Trond Sand, can be read in Cephalalgia.