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The aims of the Clinical Trials Standing Committee are to:

  • provide investigators with authoritative guidelines for randomised controlled trials (RCTs) in the major headache disorders, especially migraine, tension-type headache and cluster headache
  • draw on the experience of senior clinical investigators and those working in the field in the pharmaceutical industry to develop, elaborate, and from time to time update these guidelines
  • advise medicines regulatory agencies who may be producing notes for guidance in the clinical development of drugs, devices or other treatments for use against headache disorders
  • otherwise support and promote evidence-based headache medicine.

To access all published Clinical Trial guidelines please visit the Guidelines page.



Gisela M Terwindt

Gisela M Terwindt


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Vice Chairs

  • Hans-Christoph Diener
  • Cristina Tassorelli


  • Messoud Ashina
  • Peter Goadsby
  • Elizabeth Leroux
  • Richard Lipton
  • Patricia Pozo Rosich
  • Shuu-Jiun Wang

Junior members

  • Marie Deen Christensen
  • Daniele Martini
  • Thomas van den Hoek

Activities and news

The Clinical Trials Standing Committee has produced methodological guidelines on the design, conduct and analysis of controlled trials of drugs for treatment or prevention of migraine, tension-type headache, cluster headache, chronic migraine and adverse events.

The Committee is also currrently involved in the development of other IHS Guidelines, such as Health Technology Assessment and evidence-based grade tables.

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