Niños y adolescentes


The aims of the Child and Adolescent Standing Committee are to:

  • increase awareness of childhood headache disorders
  • encourage research that is specifically orientated to the needs of children affected by headache
  • highlight the differences that exist in the clinical manifestations of childhood and adult headache
  • encourage neurologists, psychologists and paediatricians working with children to meet and exchange ideas on these common afflictions of childhood.



Andrew Hershey

Andrew Hershey


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  • Ishaq Abu-Arafeh (UK)
  • Marco Antônio Arruda (Brazil)
  • Karen M Barlow (Canada)
  • C M Bruijn-Mulder (Sweden)
  • Friedrich Ebinger (Germany)
  • Tal Eidlitz-Markus (Israel)
  • Stefan Evers (Germany)
  • Amy Gelfand (USA)
  • Licia Grazzi (Italy)
  • Vincenzo Guidetti (Italy)
  • Toshiyuki Hikita (Japan)
  • Tobias Iff (Switzerland)
  • Kenneth Mack (USA)
  • Serena Orr (Canada)
  • Aynur Ozge (Turkey)
  • Raymund Pothmann (Germany)
  • Prab Prabhakar (UK)
  • Fumihiko Sakai (Japan)
  • Derya Uluduz (Turkey)
  • Massimiliano Valeriani (Italy)
  • Thais Villa (Brazil)
  • Shuu-Jiun Wang (Taiwan)
  • William Whitehouse (UK)
  • Paul Winner (USA)
  • Shengyuan Yu (China)
  • John-Anker Zwart (Norway)

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