Global Migraine and Pain Summit 2021 – lectures available for IHS members

The 2nd Global Migraine & Pain Summit, 5th MENA Meeting, 3rd Turkish African Meeting of Headache and Pain Management was held in Antalya-Turkey on October 27th-30th 2021.

The summit focused mainly on achieving an efficient and sustainable practice of the pain management for the benefit of the current and future generations.

The first day of the meeting was exclusively devoted COVID-19 headache and changing nature of headache practice with telemedicine.

Lectures on the second day were about headaches related to changes in intracranial pressure, clinical and therapeutic management of trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias, novel therapies in pediatric population and adults such as anti-CGRP medications, and persistent idiopathic facial pain.

During the last day of the meeting, the lectures focused on management of headache in special groups, e.g. children, elderly and pregnant women and interventional therapies in pain management.

Click below to access the Programme and links to the recordings.

Global Migraine and Pain Summit 2021