IHS Board – call for nominations for Elected Trustees

Elections for new Trustees to join the IHS Board of Trustees will be held in May 2023 – new Elected Trustees will join the Board at the International Headache Congress (IHC) in Seoul, Korea, in September 2023.

There are three vacant positions for Elected Trustees.

The nominee must be a Standard Member when nominated. Nominations should be proposed by a Standard Member and seconded by a different Standard Member, and supported by a personal written statement by the nominee including a written indication of intention to stand for election as a Trustee.

Nominations must be made using the official Nomination form included in the invitation. Interested candidates should return the form and submit background information, including activities related to the goals of IHS and their reasons for wishing to serve as a Trustee, and any relevant Disclosures.

For more information and the nomination form please click here.

The deadline for official nominations is 12 noon (BST), Monday 3 April 2023.