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The aims of the Electronic Media committee are to:

  • increase IHS visibility and establish credibility of IHS among (headache) health professionals and researchers
  • enhance the role of IHS as a credible partner in being a platform for headache knowledge and networking
  • increase awareness for headache disorders and establish connections among patient groups and other professional societies
  • establish a platform that will provide constant updates on IHS activities to its followers, conference attendees, grant and fellowship applicants.

Наши члены


Anna Andreou

Anna Andreou


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Arao Belitardo De Oliveira

Arao Belitardo De Oliveira


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Наши члены

  • Olivia Begasse De Dhaem
  • Pyari Bose
  • Jessica Briscoe
  • Thien Phu Do
  • Faraidoon Haghdoost
  • Sabrina Khan
  • Theodoros Mavridis
  • Marcio Nattan
  • Yessika Rojas
  • Jr-wei Wu

Мероприятия и новости

The Committee works very hard on a daily basis to research and share the vast content related to headache medicine and science through the society’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and now in a brand-new YouTube channels.

Perhaps the most active IHS Committee, we are committed to transmit IHS values and mission through our social media activity. This committee, composed by a multidisciplinary team of worldwide headache researchers and clinicians, stands for assuring that the content will be attractive and relevant, both to the public and healthcare professionals/researchers.

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