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The aims of the Secondary Headache Special Interest Group are to:

  • promote research into secondary headache
  • improve knowledge about secondary headaches among (general) neurologists, residents and primary care physicians (i.e. when, what and how to further investigate)
  • to study the use of ICHD-3 for secondary headache and find ways to improve its use.

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Guus G Schoonman

Guus G Schoonman

ETZ Tilburg


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Наши члены

  • Thien Do
  • Andreas Gantenbein
  • David Garcia Azorin
  • Espen Kristoffersen
  • Jakob Møller Hansen
  • Sarah Nelson
  • Mark Obermann
  • Heiko Pohl
  • Christoph Schankin
  • Henrik Schytz
  • Alexandra Sinclair

Мероприятия и новости

The activities of SIG can be found in the annual reports. The SIG mainly operates as a study group and informal discussion forum, and provides input for teaching courses.

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