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The aims of the Emerging Therapies Special Interest Group are to:

  • inform within and outside of IHS on novel emerging therapies in headache
  • ensure that emerging therapies are tested for safety and efficacy following the same standards as those applied for drug trials
  • elaborate, if needed, clinical trial guidelines adapted to emerging therapies like the neurostimulation methods
  • liaise with other bodies interested in emerging therapies like the International Neuromodulation Society or the IASP SIG on Neuromodulation  
  • advise the scientific programme committee of International Headache Congresses about emerging therapies

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Tim Juergens

Tim Juergens

University Medical Centre Rostock


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Secretary: Delphine Magis

Наши члены

  • Anna Ambrosini
  • Anna Andreou
  • Peter Goadsby
  • Jan Hoffmann
  • Rigmor Jensen
  • Elizabeth Leroux
  • Jean Schoenen
  • Todd Schwedt
  • Stewart Tepper
  • Shuu-Jiun Wang