IHS President-elect talks about his life in migraine research

IHS President-elect, Rami Burstein, talks with Debashish Chowdhury about his life in migraine research.

Learn about:

  • How basic neuroscience research contributes to the understanding of migraine
  • From a basic neuroscience research point of view, how much do we know about the pathophysiology of migraine, and how much is still uncertain?
  • Is there a migraine generator in the brain?
  • What are the contributions of peripheral nociceptors and nociceptive pathways for migraine triggers and their perpetuation?
  • Is chronic migraine a separate disease
  • What are the experimental models of migraine?
  • How can basic labs for migraine research be created in less-resourced countries?
  • Why migraine is much more common in women? Is it the hormones, genes, or the brain itself?
  • Why do migraine headaches occur hemicranially in about 60% of patients?
  • Targeting CGRP pathways has shown very promising results but still the efficacy (50% responder rate) has not improved significantly as much as we would have liked. Would targeting other pathways and combining them would be the focus of future research?

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