IHS Juniors Group elections 2021 – call for nominations

The IHS Juniors Group is running elections for Junior IHS members to join the Group in September 2021. There are five vacant positions.

New members will be elected through an online ballot to be held before the virtual IHC 2021 in September. All Junior IHS members may vote in the election.

More information about the IHS Juniors Group can be found here.

Nominations must be supported by two IHS members.

For more information, eligibility requirements, and a nomination form, please click here.

Important note: New candidates must represent countries other than Belgium, Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK since these countries are already represented by Junior Group members. If there is more than than one candidate for the same country, only the candidate who receives the highest number of votes can assume one of the vacant positions. If two candidates representing the same country receive the same number of votes, Juniors Group members will vote for their preferred candidate. In case of a draw, the winner will be selected by the IHS Executive

The deadline for nominations is Friday 30 July 2021, 23.59 BST (London, UK)