IHS is pleased to release the IHS Interview Series

The IHS Interview Series is a collection of interviews held with leading headache specialists from all over the world.

The interviews were held in Seoul, Korea, during the 21st International Headache Congress in September 2025.

The interviews include some of the top headache specialists from around the world and feature a variety of topics, both scientific, and also highlighting the status of headache medicine worldwide – how Europe and Asia are working together to fight headache disorders, which medications are available in individual countries around the world, how headache medicine can be advanced worldwide. There is also an interview featuring all three IHS Board Presidents (President Rami Burstein, President-elect Mario Peres, Past-President Cristina Tassorelli) and Committee Chairs update you on IHS activities and how you can be involved.

You can watch the videos in the IHS Interview Series playlist on our YouTube channel.