IHS webinar release – gender issues in headache research

This webinar was held on Friday 8 March, International Women’s Day, and focused on gender issues in headache research.

The webinar was hosted by Gisela Terwindt (Chair of the IHS Women’s Leadership Forum), Betül Baykan, and Anna Ambrosini.

Presentations included: Short introduction: gender disparities in headache research and inequalities for women researchers in the field (Irene de Boer – Leiden University Medical School, Netherlands); A closer look at the influence of menstruation on migraine (Britt van der Arend – Leiden University Medical School, Netherlands); Trigeminovascular effects of some migraine treatment options: A role for sex steroids? (Eloísa Rubio-Beltrán – Kings College London, UK; and Medication overuse headache, leaky gut, and sex differences (Doğa Vuralli – Gazi Universitesi Tıp Fakultesi Hastanesi Noroloji ABD, Turkey).

The presentations were followed by a question and answer session.

Watch the Webinar in the Learning Centre.