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Fumihiko Sakai

Fumihiko Sakai

Institution: Saitama International Headache Center
Country: Japan


Fumihiko Sakai obtained his MD in 1969 at the Keio University in Japan. His neurology residency and fellowship was done under Professor Fumio Gotoh in Tokyo, the research on cerebral blood flow in migraine under the supervision of Professor John Stirling Meyer in Houston, USA. His PhD was obtained in 1981 at the Keio University for the study of neurotransmitters and migraine.

He served as Professor and Chairman of Neurology at the Kitasato University from 1997. Since 2010 he is Professor and Director of the Saitama International Headache Center at the Saitama Neuropsychiatric Institute in Saitama, Japan. He received the 13th and 14th Harold G Wolff Awards, served as President of International Headache Society during 2005-2007 and was Chairman of IHC 2005 in Kyoto, Japan. He is presently President of the Japanese Headache Society.