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Giuseppe Nappi

Giuseppe Nappi

Country: Italy


Giuseppe Nappi MD, Full Professor of Neurology (1986-1998 University of Pavia; 1998-2011 “La Sapienza” University of Rome), is the Scientific Director of the C. Mondino National Neuro-logical Institute in Pavia since 1989. He has been the founder  (in 1971) and subsequently Direc-tor of the Headache Centre at the University of Pavia (Centro Cefalee e Circolazione Encefalica, 1980; University Center / Consortium for Adaptive Disorders and Headache / Head pain = UCADH: 1988/2011 / Headache Science Center, 2009).

Professor Nappi has been President of the Italian Headache Society (SISC) in the years 1988-1992, of the European Headache Federation (EHF) in 1994-1996, founder/coordinator of the IHS Special Interest Group on Italian Language in 2000-2011, member of the Classification Subcom-mittee of IHS for 1988 and 2004 editions, co-President of IHC Rome 2003. Giuseppe Nappi is Honorary Professor of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of Cordoba in Argentina since 2000 and Member Emeritus of the Research Group on Headache of the World Federation of Neurology since June 27, 2013 (Boston, MA, USA).

Prof. Nappi’s special research interest’s focus on headache, stroke, aging brain and Parkinson’s disease. In the field of headache he has investigated the role of chronobiological factors in the occurrence of periodic, cyclic headache (Cluster Headache, Menstrual Migraine, Weekend Head-ache), the mechanisms and management of Medication-Overuse Headache (MOH), the mecha-nism of action of symptomatic and prophylactic drugs in Cluster Headache and Migraine, the relationship between migraine, hormones and adaptive disorders/comorbidity, the role of the autonomic nervous system, the role and potentialites of neurophysiological investigations and the utility of animal models of migraine. Prof. Nappi has been the coordinator of COMOESTAS Project (EC, FPVII 2008-2010) and of several research projects supported by the Italian Ministry of Research and Education or by the Italian Ministry of Health.

Prof. Nappi has authored or co-authored 742 articles in peer reviewed journals (more than half as first author or last author), 135 book chapters, and served as the editor or author of 45 books. His H index is 47.
He has founded (1986) the International, peer-reviewed Journal ‘Functional Neurology’ and he has acted as Editor-in-chief in the years 1986-2005.