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Henrik Winther Schytz

Henrik Winther Schytz

Institution: Danish Headache Center, Glostrup
Country: Denmark


Henrik Schytz is a consultant in neurology and associate professor at the Danish Headache Center at the Department of Neurology, Rigshospitalet Glostrup, University of Copenhagen.

Henrik graduated as a MD in 2004 at the University in Copenhagen, from where he also received his PhD in 2010 and doctoral degree in medical science in 2015. He is the recipient of the Harold Wolff-John Graham Award for Headache/Facial Pain Research and the 2014 G. Nappi Cluster Headache Award. Henrik is the current president of the Danish Headache Society from where he has been a board member since 2001.

In 2016, Henrik started the international Master in Headache Disorders at the University of Copenhagen in collaboration with Professor Rigmor Jensen, which is a successful running continuing professional development program for healthcare professionals.

Henrik Schytz has been actively involved in headache research since 2005 and has authored more than 70 articles and book chapters in the headache field. His main interests include diagnostic testing of headache, human headache models, neuroimaging as well as treatment of migraine and secondary headaches. Henrik is currently head of the Headache Diagnostic Laboratory at the Danish Headache Center.


Employment: Danish Headache Center, University of Copenhagen. Denmark

Personal fees: Novartis, Lilly, Allergan/Abvvie, TEVA, Lundbeck

Research support: Novartis (investigator initiated research)

Royalties/licences: UpToDate article

Advisory Board: TEVA, Lundbeck

Clinical trials involvement: PI-Novartis trial on PTH (Investigator initiated)

Relationship with scientific journals: Reviewer-Lancet, Neurology, Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, Cephalalgia, European Journal of Headache & Pain, Stroke, Headache — the journal of Headache and Pain, BMJ Open, Acta Neurologica Scandinavia, Frontiers in Neurology, Scientific Reports, Cephalalgia Reports, Journal of Oral & Facial Pain and Headache, Journal of Biomedical Optics, Journal of Neurosurgical Anesthesiology, Case Reports in Neurology and the Danish Medical Journal

Other: Co-director Master of Headache Disorders, University of Copenhagen