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Lars Edvinsson

Lars Edvinsson

Institution: University Hospital of Lund
City: Lund
Country: Sweden


Lars Edvinsson is currently Professor and senior consultant at Lund University/Hospital in Internal Medicine, MD PhD, and Chairman of the Swedish Migraine Society, on the board of EHF, immediate past president of IHS.

In 2008 Lars Edvinsson was called to be professor at the Copenhagen University in "Receptor Regulation in Cerebrovascular and Cardiovascular Diseases" and in 2007 funded and is currently Director of the Glostrup Research Park, Copenhagen. In 2012 he received a Lifetime Achievement award from American Headache colleagues (Stowe, VT), and Honoray Dr Hon Causa in Szeged, Hungary.

He has a long history in studies of the cerebral circulation, innervation, receptors and function. In 1984 He was the first to describe CGRP in cranial vessels and the trigeminal ganglion, showed the release of CGRP in conjunction with migraine and cluster headache attacks, and has been instrumental in the development of novel CGRP receptor antagonists. His current work is centered at finding lokalisation of CGRP family of receptors in cranial structures and in CNS in order to illustrate the possible sites of action of novel CGRP acting drugs. The work involves also studies of other possible migraine candidates such as PACAP and 5-HT subtype receptor expressions as well as studies of their interactions and functional roles.


Employment: Professor at University of Lund, Sweden, and University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Professional membership: International Headache Society, European Headache Federation, Swedish Headache Society

Personal fees: Supported by companies for talks at different symposia and locally

Commercial interests: None