Standard membership information

Standard membership is open to all:

  • medical and healthcare practitioners (including such practitioners actively involved in scientific research) who are professionally engaged or involved in the study of headache disorders
  • who have university or equivalent qualifications in any relevant field including medicine, surgery, psychiatry, medical or biomedical science, psychology, nursing, physical therapy, or pharmacy.

Individuals who would qualify for Standard membership, but work for pharmaceutical or device companies (either part or full time), shall be entitled to be Adjunct Corporate membership only whilst working in that capacity.

Standard members pay the required fee and are UK Company Law Members with voting rights at Annual General Meetings and eligibility to sit on IHS Committees and stand for election to the IHS Board of Trustees.

There is a choice of standard membership types:

  • Standard member
  • Standard junior/nurse member (Junior definition: currently an under- or post-graduate student (including but not limited to medical students and PhD students) or a medical doctor training to become a specialist. For medical doctors alternatively within 3 years of obtaining medical doctorate or academic post graduate degree or specialist certification, whichever was obtained latest, up to 15 years following MD qualification. For other academic groups alternatively within 6 years of obtaining latest academic degree up to 15 years following primary qualification. Juniors applying for the reduced rate are required to indicate in their application the beginning and ending of their residency and complete the Junior Verification Form found below)
  • World Bank upper-middle income member

*Juniors from countries listed by the World Bank as lower-, lower-middle- and upper-middle income are able to apply for Associate Membership which is free of charge – see the Associate Membership box below

Membership fees
– Standard member GBP 110
– Junior/Nurse member GBP 55
– Upper-middle income GBP 55

The IHS membership year runs from January to December and all memberships are backdated to January.

Please read the IHS ‘Articles of Association’ document below before you proceed further.

As part of the application process, you will be asked to submit your CV to the IHS administrative office.

If you have any queries please contact Carol Taylor.

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