IHS Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum 2020 for Neurologists is authored by Hayrunnisa Bolay, Nooshin Yamani, Sait Ashina, Fabíola Dach, Allan Purdy, Espen Kristoffersen,  Michalis Vikelis, Michele Viana and Henrik Schytz, on behalf of the IHS Education Committee.

The aim of the Curriculum is to define the minimum knowledge about headache required by neurologists for qualification as a specialist in neurology, and is based on information collected from different regions worldwide.

This Curriculum allows for flexibility, and the exact content should be further defined by local headache specialists in the country in which it is used.

The Core Curriculum 2020 is a revision of Core Curriculum from 2011. In the Core Curriculum 2020 each section also includes a list of articles relevant for further reading.

Translations of the Core Curriculum are available in various languages. To view and download in these languages please see below.

IHS Core Curriculum

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