The Chairman of the Committee is the Editor-in-Chief of Cephalalgia and Cephalalgia Reports who has overall responsibility for the content and smooth publication of the journals. The Editor-in-Chief appoints Associate Editors as required, ensuring worldwide representation, gender diversity and representatives for each topic in headache medicine, including bio-statisticians.

The aims of the Cephalalgia Editorial Standing Committee are to:

  • ensure the journals’ content reflects recent advances in headache research
  • work to raise and retain the reputation of the journals amongst other neurological publications
  • ensure the submission and peer-review process is fair
  • ensure content is free from industry influence/bias
  • liaise with the publisher and the IHS administration team to actively promote the journals
  • liaise with the publisher to keep the journals up to date with technological advances
  • evaluate how the content can be best disseminated and made accessible in countries where English is not the first language.


Arne May

Arne May


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Associate Editors:

  • Frank Andrasik (USA)
  • Messoud Ashina (Denmark)
  • Rafael Benoliel (Israel)
  • Rami Burstein (USA)
  • Shih-Pin Chen (Taiwan)
  • Gianluca Coppola (Italy)
  • Hans-Christoph Diener (Germany)
  • Anne Ducros (France)
  • Stefan Evers (Germany)
  • Larus S Gudmundsson (Norway)
  • Andrea Harriott (USA)
  • Andrew Hershey (USA)
  • Jan Hoffmann (UK)
  • Phillip R Holland (UK)
  • Timothy T Houle (USA)
  • Delphine Magis (Belgium)
  • Karl Messlinger (Germany)
  • Patricia Pozo Rosich (Spain)
  • Ann Scher (USA)
  • Todd Schwedt (USA)
  • Shuu-Jiun Wang (Taiwan)
  • Alessandro Zagami (Australia)

Deputy Associate Editor: Andrew Charles (USA)

Managing Editor: Wendy Krank

Biostatistics Editor: James S McGinley

Historical Section Editor: Peter J Koehler

Junior Editors:

  • Faisal Mohammad Amin
  • Mi Ji Lee
  • Kuan Po Peng

Publishing & Scientific Integrity Advisory: Peter J Goadsby

Ombudsman: David W Dodick

Activities and news

Cephalalgia is published 14 times per year and contains original papers on all aspects of headache.

IHS members receive online access to Cephalalgia and download of the Cephalalgia app for iPad and iPhone. Print copy is distributed to full members.

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