Women’s Leadership Forum

Mission and Aims

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, inspire, and empower female IHS members with the core values, attitudes and skills that are the foundation of quality leadership, and to ensure that headache research is done taking into consideration both males and females.

Our Vision

Our vision is to do this at a global level in IHS, creating ways of interacting with all society members to give opportunities to everyone and ensure that research is equally done in males and females following the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), which we believe will also empower our society.

Our Aims

  • To create opportunities for women involved in IHS to observe, interact with and learn from outstanding established leaders
  • To facilitate the process of developing philosophies and individualized plans for women to access leadership roles
  • To facilitate IHS to work in the principles of RRI and through this to give opportunities to women to ensure that research is done taking into consideration both women and men, especially considering that headache is a brain disorder with a high prevalence in women



Gisela M Terwindt

Gisela M Terwindt


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  • Anna Ambrosini (Italy)
  • Betül Baykan (Baykal) (Turkey)
  • Hayrunnisa Bolay (Turkey)
  • Dawn Buse (USA)
  • Irene de Boer (Netherlands)
  • Ankita Ghosh (USA)
  • Maria Teresa Goicochea (Argentina)
  • Rashmi Halker Singh (USA)
  • Rigmor Jensen (Denmark)
  • Mi Ji Lee (Korea)
  • Otgonbayar Luvsannorov (Mongolia)
  • Mona Nada I(Egypt)
  • Aynur Ozge (Turkey)
  • Patricia Pozo Rosich (Spain)
  • Francesca Puledda (UK)
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