Cluster Headache


The aims of the Cluster Headache Special Interest Group are to:

  • identify people with expertise in this field, interested in multicentre co-operation, to improve knowledge on cluster headache disorders
  • maintain a worldwide registry of the names, qualifications, positions and institutions of the IHS members with an interest in cluster headache
  • maintain a worldwide registry of headache centres interested in cluster headache regarding the following subjects: Clinical practice; Basic and clinical research; Surgical treatments; Experimental treatments.


Chair – vacant


  • Anna Andreou
  • Hossein Ansari
  • Mads Barløse
  • Soo-Jin Cho
  • Fabiola Dach
  • Ilse De Coo
  • Charly Gaul
  • Peter J Goadsby
  • Rigmor Jensen
  • Dinesh Khandelwal
  • Fernando Kowacs
  • Nina Latysheva
  • Mona Nada
  • Alexander Nesbitt
  • Mark Obermann
  • Elsa Paixao Parreira
  • Mario Peres
  • Aminur Rahman
  • Todd Rozen
  • Lidia Savi
  • Michalis Vikelis
  • Elisabeth Waldenlind
  • Leopoldine Wilbrink

Activities and news

The main aim of the Cluster Headache group is to improve overall knowledge on cluster headache.

In order to accomplish our goals, we have brought together people with expertise in the field (the CHSIG members).

The current goals are to:

  • create a database on cluster headache care centres worldwide and make the information available to general practitioners, neurologists, headache specialists and other health caregivers to be provided to patients and their family members
  • create a worldwide registry of all headache centres interested in cluster headache in its different features: a) clinical practice; b) clinical research; c) basic research; d) surgical treatments; e) other experimental treatments
  • create a worldwide registry of the names, qualifications and institutional positions of IHS members interested in cluster headache
  • identify people with specialist knowledge in the field interested in multicentre co-operation to improve knowledge on cluster headache disorders
  • expand the group members with a broad range of knowledge in the field and set up a strategic plan for the coming years
  • develop general clinical information on cluster headache for patients and their family members, and the lay public
  • produce a series of scientific papers on cluster headache (in e-learning system) to be provided to health practitioners and medical specialists for overall scientific dissemination.

If you have details of cluster headache patient groups in your country, please forward details to IHS.

Annual reports