Grants, awards and training programmes

IHS offers various grants and awards annually.

IHS Clinical and Basic Science Headache Research Fellowship Award

IHS Fellowship – 1-year fellowship award aims to support innovative and impactful research from young investigators, promote the career of young investigators in the field of headache, and increase the knowledge base of headache disorders. Applications for basic or clinical science headache research, or a combination of basic and clinical research, are considered.

Application is now open for the 2021 Fellowship.

Details of past IHS Fellowship recipients can be found on the Science and Research Committee page.

IHC Travel grants

Travel grants are offered to young researchers and physicians to attend the bi-ennial International Headache Congress (IHC).

The next grants available will be for IHC 2023.

IHS Allied Specialities Scholarships

The IHS Allied Specialities Scholarships aim to develop expertise in the field of headache for allied specialities e.g. nurses, therapists. The Allied Specialities Scholarship will facilitate training through a short-stay scholarship for clinical training / research project in a major headache centre.

Application is now open for the 2021 Allied Specialities Scholarships.

Grants for young physicians and researchers living in countries included in the World Bank listing as Lower-, Lower-middle and Upper-middle income.

These programmes aim to encourage physicians to visit a specialised headache institution abroad and actively increase knowledge on headache disorders and specialised headache management. It is also intended to spread this knowledge to their home countries without headache infrastructure or expertise.

IHS Trainee Programme
Clinical training period of up to 12 weeks at an international headache centre.

IHS Short-stay Scholarship
Clinical training period of up to 6 weeks at an international headache centre. In IHC years this will be in the region where the IHC is held and scholars will attend the IHC. In non-IHC years the scholar will attend a major headache congress and headache centre in the same region.

Unfortunately due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic we will not be opening application for the Trainee Programme and Short-stay Scholarships in 2021 We hope to resume the grants in 2022.

Awards currently open for application

For information on the Visiting Professors programmes please follow the link below

Grants/programmes from other societies / organisations

None currently available.