Visual aura table

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We here present the IHS Visual Aura Table, where, for the first time, headache researchers show the full spectrum of aura visual disturbances in a standardised way. 

The aura table has been tested in a large, multicentre international population among 215 migraine with aura patients – the article is published in Cephalalgia.

This important tool is now freely available and downloadable. IHS endorses its use to describe migraine aura better and more accurately, both clinically and in research settings. 

Our goal is that this table will be used for the benefit of patients and healthcare professionals around the world.

There are three size options for download – A3 landscape, 2 x A4 landscape, 2 x A4 portrait. Click on the links below to download. IHS permits printing and free circulation of this poster.

Grateful thanks to Dr Michele Viana and colleagues for sharing these images and allowing free circulation.

  • IHS Visual aura table – A3 landscape

  • IHS Visual aura table – 2 x A4 landscape

  • IHS Visual aura table – 2 x A4 portrait