IHS 2024 | Science

Berlin, Germany, 3-5 May 2024

Registration is now open! Visit the IHS 2024 | Science webpage for more information and to register.

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This unique, intimate meeting, will highlight some of the most significant scientific and clinical advances underway.

The meeting will begin with our flagship annual iHEAD academy for our young aspiring members and will continue with an integrated single-track scientific meeting, focused on the cutting edge of our field.

 IHS’ iHEAD programme has educated over 400 junior headache members in more than 35 countries.  We are now accepting applications for 2024 and encourage you to advise your most brilliant Juniors to contact Carol Taylor for application.

The scientific meeting following iHEAD will bring together world experts and new leaders to present and discuss the latest developments in basic and clinical headache science. We look forward to a robust exchange of ideas and to discussions surrounding how these advances will affect our community and the patients we treat. Unlike the bi-ennial International Headache Congress, attendance at this special meeting will be limited to no more than 350 attendees to maximise learning and opportunities to network and collaborate.

We welcome sponsorship from interested stakeholders – for more information please contact Eric Liebler.