IHS Regional Headache Conference


You can now register for the 1st RHC by emailing ihslatam2022@gmail.com


meeting programme

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Call for abstracts

We welcome abstracts on clinical cases and scientific studies for the RHC.

Please see the guidelines below and send your abstracts to ihsargentina2022@gmail.com

Abstract submission deadline: 16 August 2022

In 2022 for the first time IHS will hold a Regional Headache Conference (RHC). The Conference will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 29 September to 1 October 2022.

The conference will be held at the Auditórium Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, a  unique opportunity for neurologists and researchers from the wider Latin America region to come together to discuss headache medicine and science with international headache opinion leaders.

Key international speakers will include IHS President Cristina Tassorelli, IHS President-elect Rami Burstein, IHS Honorary Secretary Patricia Pozo-Rosich, IHS Past-President Messoud Ashina and members of the IHS Board and Committees. Local and regional headache specialists will also bring their expertise to the conference to deliver a programme that will not only include a variety of scientific sessions and courses covering international scientific data and practices, but also sessions based on local needs, and practical courses for young delegates to guide them in their future careers.

The conference will bring neurologists and researchers together with the possibility to

  • communicate and discuss recent advances
  • disseminate headache science and headache medicine
  • encourage interest and research in headache field.

Programme highlights:

  • Current and emerging treatments in migraine
  • Chronic headache: MOH and refractory headache
  • Headache: brain mechanisms and circuits igniting primary headache
  • Why migraine is a disease? An update on migraine
  • Pathophysiology
  • Cluster headache: genetics. The role of CGRP in cluster headache
  • Stress and migraine
  • Current understanding of tension-type headache
  • Ten recent news articles about headache that every neurologist needs to know
  • Developing headache research – from zero to hero