IHS Short-stay Scholarships

The Short-stay Scholarships are offered to young clinicians and researchers from countries listed in the World Bank listings as Low-, Lower-Middle or Upper-Middle-income, to fund visits to a leading headache centre.

– The applicant must be a member of IHS (free of charge Associate Membership is possible)
– Currently an under- or post-graduate student (including but not limited to medical students and PhD students) or a medical doctor training to become a specialist. For medical doctors alternatively within 3 years of obtaining medical doctorate or academic post graduate degree (not including part-time Master’s programmes) or specialist certification, whichever was obtained latest. For other academic groups alternatively within 6 years of obtaining latest academic degree
– The applicant should be living and working in countries listed by the World Bank Low-, Lower-Middle or Upper-Middle-income (see list here).

Click below for more information and an application form.

Application deadline: 21 April 2023